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Free Valuations is a home valuation service offered by Leonard Homes Ltd, a Real Estate Data Company. We use data-driven and machine learning supported residential property experts to provide fast property valuations.

We draw together the best of human expertise and advanced machine learning to deliver fast, objective, and cost-effective remote valuations for homeowners, accountants, and solicitors.

When we say fast, we mean it. The turnaround time on any home valuation is just 2 business days. Freevaluations.ie is changing the way home valuations work.

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We also facilitate Probate Valuations, HSE Fair Deal Valuations and Local Property Tax Valuations. In provision of these services, the emphasis is on client confidentiality and reliability at all times. We’ll always provide you with a realistic valuation, based on our constantly updating market knowledge. We’ll value your home at the right price and will involve you in every step of the process.

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Utilising the power of artificial intelligence

We analyse all historical home sales and identify them with eircode and land registry information to place any property in its exact location.

We then add quality-controlled home details and visualisations to have all data input for our surveyor to review. We bring together the best of science and human expertise to produce unbeatable home valuations

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We will get you a detailed property valuation within 48 hours

We are 100% Irish owned business powered by the data of Irelands leading property specialists, every agent we work with is fully bonded and licensed by the Property services Regulatory Authority.

Our team of experienced professionals specialize in all aspects of property valuation's through Ireland. Whether you are looking for a Probate Valuation, HSE Fair Deal Valuation, Valuation for Legal purposes, a Market Appraisal of your home or Property Tax valuation, we at freevaluations.ie will be happy to give a valuation free of charge.

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