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What is the fair deal scheme?

Fair Deal is officially called the Nursing Home Support Scheme. It provides financial support towards nursing home care and is calculated by a financial assessment that includes your income from pensions, benefits or other income and your assets, usually any property. The family home is usually the main asset of value in any household so a valuation is required to include this in your assessment. Your application is based on the value of your property. As part of the application you will need to include a current valuation from a qualified valuer.

How do you value my property?

All our valuations are based on market knowledge and detailed comparable information. We provide house valuations in Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Wicklow & Louth. We provide valuations for all sectors including retail, office, industrial and residential. We also value agricultural and development land.

How accurate are your free valuations?

Using is like visiting several estate agents all in one go. At the touch of a button you get insights of some of Irelands leading property professionals all from the comfort of your own home. You can also get a rental/letting valuation to see what rental you can achieve for your property.

Will you visit my home?

We will only visit your home if necessary to confirm certain details or investigate the property if needed.

How fast can you value the property?

We will value any Irish home in 48 hours!

Do you provide probate house valuations?


Can a property be put up for sale before probate is granted?

Yes, a property can be listed for sale but closing will not be possible until Probate has been granted. Given the time that it takes to gain a Grant of Probate is actually quite a similar timeframe to selling a property, it is recommended to run the two processes in parallel and not sequentially.